Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day One

For Lent its traditional to give something up

So I'm giving up being a blog-slacker: 40 days 40 blog posts

even if im shooting terrible images - you are going to see them.

mind you some times you won't see the image of the day until it runs

Let's see how this goes.............

Feature hunting brought me to the Indiana Dunes State park and the the shores of Lake Michigan in Chesterton.

In the 40 degree water of Lake Michigan, Jim Kozy of Chesterton uses a metal detector in the watershed in the Indiana Dunes State Park Wednesday afternoon in Chesterton. In the few hours Kozy waded in the watershed, he found some pop-tops and nails, a couple of nickels and 4-5 pennies. "Nothing to brag about," Kozy said.

Jim had three steps:

Get a hit on the metal dectector and scoop up the sand.

Slowly dump out the sand to check out it and see if there is something worth while.

and when there is nothing, dump it out and begin again!

Post-Tribune photographer Scott M. Bort's feet nuzzle in the chilled sand on a moderately tempered afternoon late in February. (thanks furt)

Oh and i shot a (under construction) building mug

Workers continue construction on an apartment complex at the Uptown East apartments at the corner of LaPorte Avenue and Roosevelt Road in Valparaiso.

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Beck Diefenbach said...

Might be the best building mug I've even seen.